“My daughter and I started taking Tae Kwon Do when we moved here 10 years ago. She’s now in Gumdo (swords) and nunchuck classes. She loves it and goes to every class during the week.” Kevin “My daughter started taking classes though the park district with Master Janice Wood. She aged out and was afraid of continuing on though the school. With some encouragement from classmates and friends that were already taking classes, she decided to give it a shot. She has been taking classes at the school for almost a year now and there have been great changes in her attitude, and her self-confidence. The instructors take the time to explain everything to the students. My daughter has grown so much in the last year.”


“JP Wood Martial Arts has something for every member of the family. My kids started out in the Dragon class for 4-6 year old – which was martial arts with a lot of gymnastics, fun, discipline and learning all mixed into one. Later they moved on to Youth Classes and now my oldest son is a Second Degree Black Belt in Koryo Gumdo and is an assistant teacher for Gumdo youth and adult classes. He has learned so much about health, nutrition, exercise, and has also developed self- confidence and responsibility through his participation at JP Wood MAA. I also take fitness classes at JP Wood. Mrs. Wood makes the class so fun and engaging, I look forward to it all week. Every student and staff member we have met through JP Wood MAA have been welcoming and friendly. We feel like a part of the family!”


“At J.P. Wood they teach the World Taekwondo Federation style, as well as Koryo Gumdo (Korean Samurai Sword), and various other martial arts orientated work out classes for various ages. It has been over 8 years now that I started going to classes at J.P. Wood to learn Taekwondo, and about 6 years ago since I started doing Gumdo. I have to say, it doesn’t seem that long at all, and I really couldn’t imagine not being there so often! The school is owned by Grandmaster John P. Wood and his wife Master Janice Wood, who are both very approachable, knowledgeable and active in the local community. The classes are structured so that students work on various different aspects that are important in each discipline, and usually taught by at least one main instructor and an assistant instructor. They put a lot of thought into the weekly lesson plan which are different each week, which helps with maintaining motivation. There really is something for all ages at J.P. Wood. If you want to learn martial arts, definitely consider coming here. You won’t be disappointed.”


“We moved to Palatine last year and found JP Wood Martial Arts America through a friend of my son’s, a black belt. We joined based on his recommendation and it has been a great journey. We owe him! JP Wood has provided a foundation that has facilitated a successful transition to a new community. My son has challenged himself as he never would have before and made friends and had fun. The instructors know every student and work 24/7 to help them succeed. They offer a balance of discipline and understanding that leads to success. They understand how to connect with students and challenge them to succeed.”


“The Woods are really great people and great instructors. They get you working and push you to achieve your best with encouragement and positive feedback. No matter what your level of fitness or coordination or skill, they will help you become better.” 


“J. P. Wood Martial Arts America is the best! My two sons started when they were little boys and continued through their first degree black belt program. My sons learned the techniques taught while developing discipline. As young men today they are still able to use these skills in other athletic areas. My sons learned so much that I decided to try Taekwondo earning a purple belt at age 40+. Our family enjoyed the many family orientated activities that were offered throughout the year encouraging everyone to be a part of the J.P. Wood family. I would recommend this school and it’s program to anyone in our community. Thanks J.P. Wood for a job well done!” 


I have been here for almost 14 years, and could not even think of going to another place. The school is family owned and has supported the community since they started. They are able to teach adults to kids and make it as challenging as you need it. They provide more than just martial arts. They stress fitness, leadership, and nutrition to name a few. Come in and see for yourself.


“Before I started in the martial arts, I was a self- proclaimed couch potato. Joining J P Wood’s was one of the best decisions of my life (second only to asking my wife to marry me). Grandmaster Wood and the staff at the school make all the exercises and training fun so it doesn’t feel like a chore and I actually look forward to going to class. The health benefits and discipline I have gained by being a part of the school not to mention all the friends I have made has made my experience so enjoyable.”